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If a domain on our network is not listed here, then it might mean that it has not yet reached a stable version for public use and/or release.

Would you like to support our network ?

There are a few ways you can directly help to support our network and their applications.


Enjoying them! We make our apps to be fun and enjoyable, so the main thing for us is that they are just that. By using our applications you are fulfilling their purpose and because all of our apps are interactive in some way with other users, you are supporting them directly simply by using them.

For example: If you are one of the generous users that shared a snapshot publicly then you have helped to make our site's webcam application more fun for other users. Thank you!


Another great way to support any site that you enjoy is to share them with your friends. This is more important to the entire internet today than it has ever been in the past. We are so used to focusing our attention on just a handful of (usually corporately owned) sites/networks on the internet today that there is not only seemingly less variety, but also the average internet user seems to lack even the desire to explore beyond their social networks of choice.

If you enjoyed using any of the sites/apps on our network, then please consider sharing those with friends that you think would also enjoy them.


No application, web-based or otherwise, is without a bug or two. For that reason it is very important that we have a selection of good testers that are able to find and report any of those bugs. If you do find a bug while using a site/app on our network, then please do report it at


Our goal when creating any site or web application is to keep it free to use for anyone. Because we do not sell our apps we on occasion have to resort to advertisements, however ad-based revenue continues to drop for us (and many others) every year as more users enable some form of ad-block. We do not and never will force users to disable their ad-blockers.

If you like any of the sites/apps on our network and would like to help to support the running costs, then small donations are now welcome. Think of us as content creators (like streamers or video creators), only our content is web-based applications.

Legal notice

Please note that any donation given is a gift to support all sites and apps on our network and not a purchase or subscription to any product or service.

MUCH Thanks to those that have supported our apps and sites, past and present, in any of the ways that you have been able to.


Paypal is no longer a donation payment option as we are now boycotting their service for bad business ethics.

We would encourage you to find out more and do the same if you use both their service and your morals.

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