HTML Roulette App


Our html-roulette application is designed for those moments in life when you just can't decide on something. Let the wheel decide your fate for you.


You want to learn a new language, but you can't decide which one ? Click on the preset button 'Linguistic Languages' or 'Programming Languages' (if it is coding that takes your interest) and then check that you are happy with the list, removing languages you already know or do not wish to learn, then click the roulette wheel to find out what you'll soon be fluent in.

You want to watch a movie on the weekend, but you are not sure which genre of movie to choose from ? Simply click the preset button 'Movie Genres' and let the wheel spin! In the winner box will be the genre and a clickable link to IMDB with the top 50 movies of that genre for you to browse.

You want to challenge yourself to spend some time on a new and/or wacky website, but you are not sure which site to try ? Well, say no more! Click the preset button 'Wacky Sites' and spin the roulette wheel, click on the winner and away you go.


To use one of our preset data lists, simple click one of the blue preset buttons that best matches your needs. This will preload a list for the roulette wheel. You can still remove items or add more items (up to sixteen).

To add a completely unique and custom list for your roulette wheel, just enter your desired list into the text input field, one item at a time. You can add as few as two and as many as sixteen items.

Once you are happy with the list you have, then it is time to click/tap the wheel.


Click The Roulette Wheel

If you have more ideas for preset lists or changes/additions you would like to see then please feel free to contact us at

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