Base64 Encoder And Decoder Tool


Our HTMLChat network offers this Base64 encoder and decoder tool as a simple and fast way for you to encode any string value or decode any base64 encoded value back to its original string value. To learn more about Base64 we would recommend reading the following Base64 Page


Enter a textual source value into the top text area, then click on which button applies to you. If you are wanting to encode a text value then click on the "Encode" button and the source will then be encoded into the encode text area. On the other hand if you would like to decode an encoded base64 value then click on the "Decode" button and the decode text area will be populated with the decoded base64 value.

After encoding or decoding a value, you can move that value to the source input by clicking on the "Move To Source" button under the given action. This will allow you to test that then encode and decode was accurate. For example; if you encode a value from the source you can then move that encoded value to the source and decode it to confirm that its value returns to the original source value.

Once you are happy with the result you can copy it to your clipboard should you require it elsewhere by clicking on the "Copy" button under the given text area you require.

Type or paste your text data to be encoded or decoded into the 'Source' text area and click on either the 'Encode' button to base64 encode your source value or click the 'decode' button if your source value is already a base64 string to decode it.

Encoded Source:
Decoded Source: