Record and Share an Mp3 Audio File

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HTMLChat Apps offer this fast and simple to use Audio Recorder to record and share mp3 audio files with your friends and family. We have opted for the MP3 audio format due to the fact that it has wide support across most browsers. To read more about the MP3 format then please read the following MP3 Page.


Click the large microphone icon to open the recorder. When the recorder opens, you can choose to change the pitch and gain options by moving the pitch and gain sliders or simply click the record button (the red circle) on the left to start your recording. When you have finished recording your audio message then click the same button, which is now a stop button (blue square). Confirm the recorded audio message by clicking on the green check (tick) icon on the right.

Mp3 Recorder

Wait a few moments for your file to process and it will be added under the large microphone icon for you to listen to, delete, download or upload.

If you wish to share your audio with family or friends then you will either need to download the MP3 file and share the file through other means or more simply, if the MP3 file is under 2MB in size (about 3 minutes in duration) you can click the upload button next to your message's audio player. Wait a few moments for your file to upload and the button that was the upload button will now change to a share button, this button will create a share page that contains your audio file along with any share links associated with it.

Chat About Audio

Click the open chat button below to open our completely free chat application and start sharing MP3 recorded messages with others. There is no need to register to use the chat, however there is an option to register too.

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