HTML Chat.

HTML Chat is a free advanced HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) rich, multimedia enabled chat application that has been specifically designed with full user functionality in mind. Functions such as posting and playing youtube videos in-chat, posting and viewing images at real-time as well as using REAL HTML tags to create a uniquely customised user alias.

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Creating Tags

To create alias tags you can use REAL HTML. It is recommended that you use a HTML <Table> tag when creating an alias tag and inline CSS to style your tag. You can also learn some basics from the Advanced Tag Help page, which will show you just the very beginning of what is possible.

Video Sharing

To send & share Youtube videos, simply post the link that appears in the address bar of the Youtube page (eg: directly into the chat. The video will play within a video container window so that you can view it in-chat without switching windows/tabs.

Image Posting

When posting images, simply post the direct image URL into to the chat as you would with an ordinary text post (eg: The image will need to be hosted somewhere online. If however you want to post an image from your computer, then you can use the uploader app to upload and host/post your image directly.

Video Call

The in chat Video Call Flash application will allow you to chat one-to-one via a webcam and microphone with a friend (similar to Skype), using high quality streaming through UDP ports.

Public Webcam

As an alternative to the private one-to-one webcam connection offered by Video Call, you can also use the more public webcam broadcasting application that will display your webcam to all users that connect to your webcam stream.

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